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CPSWQ Application Process


The following table provides an overview of the CPSWQ certification process.

PhaseWho Does ItWhat Happens
Application Applicant Reads and fully subscribes to the CPSWQ Code of Ethics. Completes/assembles application materials/fees and sends to CPSWQ Administrative Office.
CPSWQ Administrative Office Reviews application for completeness. If complete, sends to Application Review Committee. If incomplete, sends written notification to applicant (application is delayed).
Review Application Review Committee Reviews application materials to determine status. Sends results to CPSWQ Administrative Office.
CPSWQ Administrative Office Sends appropriate letter to applicant. An applicant that lacks some qualifications may be offered In-Training status.
Testing Qualified Applicant Investigates available exam review and exam dates (CPSWQ web site, regional and area representatives, IECA/SWCS Chapters). Schedules review course/exam with sponsoring entity. See Calculator Policy.
Administrative Office Supplies test/reference materials to entity sponsoring review course/exam.
Sponsoring Entity Provides an approved proctor to adminster the CPSWQ Exam in accordance with CPSWQ directives. Returns ALL test materials to CPSWQ Administrative Office.
CPSWQ Administrative Office Grades exam (passing score is ≥70% correct answers).
Certification CPSWQ Administrative Office Sends appropriate letter to applicant.
Newly Certified CPSWQ Complies with the purposes, policies and code of ethics of the CPSWQ program.


Candidate must send to the CPSWQ Administrative Office:

  1. Completed application forms

  2. Application fee

  3. College transcripts

  4. References (4 required) at least one should be a CPSWQ

  5. Any additional documentation (such as, resume/vitae, or govt. SR 171)

Upon receipt of an application the CPSWQ Administrative Office will assess it to determine completeness. If the application is complete it will be sent to the Application Review Committee (ARC). Candidates whose materials are not complete will be notified of missing portions and their applications will be delayed.


The Application Review Committee (ARC) review process takes approximately three weeks. Once the results are returned to the CPSWQ Administrative Office, they will be compiled and appropriate letters will be sent to the candidate.


The candidate must bring an approved calculator, pencil, and a clear straight edge to the exam site. All needed reference materials and scratch paper will be provided by CPSWQ, Inc. For information about the CPSWQ exam, see CPSWQ Exam Structure and Grading.

See the Calculator Policy for a list of approved calculators. Examinees are NOT allowed to bring cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), portable computers, or similar devices into the exam room.


The CPSWQ Administrative Office will send an appropriate letter to each applicant that sits for the exam. Those applicants who receive a passing score will also receive a personalized CPSWQ certificate and wallet card.

To become certified, an applicant must subscribe to the purposes, policies and code of ethics of the CPSWQ Program. This requirement is specified in the CPSWQ, Inc. Bylaws, "Article II - Registration and Fees, Section 1. Registration."